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    Sala de Inteligência

      Data Intelligence

      Products and services focused on providing intelligent information providing faster and more assertive decision-making for organizations.

      Foresight and Strategic Cooperation

      Projects with methodologies of collective construction and the creation of scenarios for the elaboration of long-term development strategies anticipating technological and market trends with impact on organizations or territories.

      Competitive Intelligence

      Nossas publicações são produzidas periodicamente, em parcerias com importantes instituições, garantindo metodologias confiáveis e informações atualizadas constantemente para auxiliar no entendimento do cenário econômico local e regional.

      The studies aim to present data and analysis of relevant themes at regional and national levels. This way, they provide information for the public and private sectors to guide their strategic actions.

      They consist of an analysis of the economic and/or sectoral environment of a location, with conjunctural information on the main variables available. They aim to draw a summarized picture of the main economic indicators of the states, focusing on Ceará. Estimates of the data are also performed. They function as a source of information to support entrepreneurs and governments in decision-making, as well as constituting a relevant study for society in general.

      They are composed of data obtained through primary research with entrepreneurs, capturing perceptions about the environment in which they are inserted. They aim to examine the economic activity of some sectors. They contribute to drawing an overview of the economic situation.

      They aim to obtain detailed information about the companies through primary surveys carried out with industrialists. This way, analyses of the business, sector, and economic context are prepared. They also provide a personalized report to entrepreneurs with information to support decision-making and attract investments, take advantage of business opportunities and explore emerging technological trajectories, through relevant topics such as sustainable practices, innovation culture, and technology adoption, among others.